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Pam Brown holds a Master of Science degree in Ornamental Horticulture from Virginia Tech and served as the University of Florida Urban Horticulture Extension Agent in Pinellas County for over eight years.  She is retired from the University of Florida and was granted the title of Extension Agent Emeritus.  

While serving in Pinellas County Pam provided numerous public education presentations on a variety of horticulture topics including educational videos.  She also published numerous feature articles in newspapers and other periodicals.  Pam created seven years of how-to Yard Work segments on WTSP-TV, the local CBS affiliate and three years of Pinellas Planting educational videos for the Pinellas County Communications cable TV network. 

During her tenure as Pinellas County's Horticulture Extension Agent, Pam garnered numerous state awards and a national award in recognition of her educational programming.  She has enjoyed gardening for over 30 years in states around the southeast, as well as in Florida. 

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